Project Description
Html Reader makes it easier for WPF WebBrowser users to access the Document property, and retrieve information from HTML pages. You'll no longer have to use MSHTML interfaces.

I'm a fan of oldies music, and I'm interested mainly in the history of 1950s-60s pop music. Most of my sources are Internet sites, like, allmusic, and alike. I usually extract the information from HTML pages and save it to a database.

In the past I used a WinForm with a WebBrowser. The Document property of the WebBrowser exposes a .Net HtmlDocument object, which exposes a CLR Document Object Model, which, in turn, wraps the native browser DOM.

A year ago I started writing WPF projects. WPF has an equivalent WebBrowser Control, but its Document property exposes MSHTML objects – the native Internet Explorer DOM. MSHTML is a COM+ object model, a legacy from the 1990s, and it's not easy to work with. A great regression for Microsoft, I would say.

So I wrote this small project according to my own needs: A lightweight DLL that reads information from an MSHTML Document. It can be extended to a full functioning CLR DOM, but I don't need it. If someone wants to participate and fill the rest – go ahead, please.

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